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FAQs About Energy Saving Light Bulbs



As the damage in our environment keeps on growing, several environmentalists have demanded to make a difference and encouraged people to switch from one light bulb to the other. Energy saving light bulbs might not be a new innovation but, it is quite surprising how many residential homes have yet to step up for the change.


Take note that you really must buy light bulbs online. Using energy efficient light bulbs rather than a standard light bulb can help in reducing the emissions of CO2 and at the same time, save energy, hence their name. As a matter of fact, if only every household will be using one energy efficient bulb, the energy that can be saved will be enough to light up streetlights for the entire year.


In the event that you are still uncertain of energy saving light bulbs and to how they can be a big help in reducing your electricity bill, then keep on reading.


Why Energy Saving Light Bulbs are Better than Normal Bulbs?


These light bulbs work with greater efficiency than the typical bulbs sold in the market. Traditional bulbs likely waste energy as it produces heat at the same time. Energy efficient bulbs on the other hand works more like fluorescent tube. The electric current ins passing through the gas inside the tube and lighting it up without generating excess heat.


Do I have to Replace like for like if I decided to switch using these Bulbs?


The answer is no, because energy saving lamps work with higher productivity and they are using just a quarter of electricity. With this being said, you can easily replace a normal 60 watt bulb with just a 13 or 18 watt energy saving bulb.


Will the Bulb would truly help me save Cash?


The straightforward answer to this question is a big YES! The savings that you can get from these bulbs are twofold. First of all, it is because of the reason that they waste less amount of energy and using less electricity. The savings that you can get on your electricity bill is significant. These light bulbs additionally last 12x longer than the ordinary light bulbs in the market.


Second, these energy saving bulbs are manufactured to last for a long time so replacing these light bulbs will be less frequently.


Are Energy Saving Light Bulbs Expensive?


Initially, yes. These bulbs will be more costly than regular bulbs but compared to the benefits you will get and the savings that you will acquire from your electricity, it is totally justifiable.